Our property managers are all licensed with the Department of Real Estate and have all the extensive training, knowledge and experience to manage your property in an efficient, safe and lawful manner. Everyone on our team, including our Property Managers, Assistants, Accountants, Realtors and Maintenance Techs, are all commited try to serve you with a level of personalized attention that is unmatched in the industry. Everyone has specific responsibilities but we all pitch in and help each other out to make sure that everything goes well for the Property Owners, the Tenants and at the property.

We know the current local real estate market intimately and have the data and foresight to give you the most relevant information to help you make great decisions about your rentals. Each Agent brings their own experience in a particular specialty in property management and leasing. Getting to know them and their unique journeys that lead them to Catalyst Property Management and what inspires them will help you build confidence that you are working with a great team. Our Maintenance Technicians are very knowledgeable and skilled in troubleshooting and fixing almost anything. They are very people oriented and make everyone comfortable and feel at ease when they enter a rental unit to make a repair.

Although we are not and may never be completely perfect, that is what our team strives for everyday. Our mantra is "do your best and be proud of your results".

Dan Pond

President / Broker

Kimberly Pond

Sr. Property Manager / Realtor

Joe Williams

Maintenance Manager / Realtor

Kim Ure

Sr. Property Manager / Realtor

Carter MacDonald

Office & Leasing Assistant

Jordyn Thompson

Short Term Rental Manager / Realtor

Tyler Baldwin

Director of Marketing & Short Term Rentals

Joe Rees

Maintenance Technician

Scott Farner

Maintenance Technician / Realtor

James Morse

Accountant / CFO

Shawn Mac Gavin

Marketing Technologist /
Technology Expert