Dan V. Pond


Dan first started managing properties when he purchased his first rental in 1991. Since then he has continuously been in the management of real estate in some manner or another.  He began managing properties professionally in 2001 as a Real Estate Agent and then as a Real Estate Broker in 2009. Dan has been actively involved in the management of thousands of units over the years in many capacities including that of property manager, leasing agent, maintenance manager, accountant, marketing specialist, office manager and business owner. Dan is very dedicated to making sure his clients, both tenants and property owners alike, are very satisfied with the services they receive from Jackson Property Management as he has lived parts of his life as a tenant, a property owner and a property manager. This gives him a unique perspective to be able to bring all parties together to work together with mutual understanding of the rental industry. His philosophy is that happy tenants make happy owners and that happy owners make for happy property managers.

Dan earned his bachelor's degree in Finance and Master's degree in Business with an emphasis in Business Information Systems and a minor in Spanish from Utah State University. Dan is also fluent in the Spanish language although he claims to only speak Spanglish. Dan is one of the rare business owners that likes to regularly hear from his clients both about the good job they are doing, so he can commend those deserving praise, as well as about any experience that did not go so well, so that it can be right and fixed for the future.