We mangage. You sell. It’s a Perfect Match.

Referrals are everything in real estate, and Catalyst Property Management can be a great reciprocal referral source for you to land more sales. At Catalyst, we work with hundreds or property owners in what we do best… manage properties.

So how does it work? It’s simple. When you are working with a buyer that needs a property manager for their new purchase, you simply make a referral to us to manage their property and we refer them back to you when the buyer decides to sell. And for every referral you send in that results in a management agreement, we pay you cash, we'll register you in our system as the referring agent and when the owner decides to sell or buy more properties, we send them back to you. We manage, you sell, it's a perfect match.

A paid referral fee

The referral is tagged with your name in our system and will be referred back to you when they want to buy or sell again

Your client will be well taken care of and receive the best service possible

You won't have any management responsibilities, including:

    1. Rent collections
    2. After hours calls
    3. No show tenant appointments

For questions, information or to discuss our program and referral fees call us at 435-755-3010.