Tyler Pic

Tyler Baldwin

Director of Marketing & Short Term Rentals

A creative at heart, I bring the human touch to property marketing. With over five years of experience in graphic design and marketing, I’m passionate about connecting people with their dream properties. Designing and marketing innovative solutions to help businesses and individuals reach their goals is what I call fun! Growing up in Cache Valley, there is a sense of pride I feel driving around and being able to know that I have helped people find a place to call home. Meaningful connections have driven me in all of my work experiences, whether landscaping or custodial work, broadcasting high school sports on the radio, volunteering for local community events, or even running my own catering company and marketing company.


Tyler is an avid high school sports fan, and if you are at a local sports event, you won’t have to look far to see him doing stats, scouting opponents, or ensuring that the staff has everything they need to succeed. Tyler loves to play volleyball, hosting a weekly game with about 20 people around the valley. In the winter, he loves to ski and go to games, while the rest of the year, he likes to play golf, travel, and watch baseball!