Catalyst Property Management

Serving property owners with more than 50 years of experience, Catalyst Property Management is poised to help residential and commercial customers achieve the best returns on their property investments.


Menifee Property Management

Since 1957 we’ve worked with property owners to help maximize the return on their rental properties through comprehensive and responsive service and reliable results.

Screen Tenants Thoroughly

As your Logan property management firm, Catalyst Property Management will work diligently to secure suitable tenants for our clients’ commercial and residential properties. We’ll carefully screen prospective tenants to make sure they meet all of your qualifications that may include background, credit score, and employment verification.

Property Maintenance

Maintaining your property is vital to maintaining its property value. Since Catalyst Property Management is a full-service Logan property management company, we routinely manage all maintenance and repair issues that arise at your property.

Market Value for Your Property

It’s important for our customers to know that their property’s rental units are listed in accordance with market value. We pride ourselves on performing comprehensive market analysis to help you determine what to list and rent the property at in regards to its size, location, and amenities.

Online Access

Catalyst Property Management hosts a client portal that provides you with 24/7 access to lease documents, monthly statements, and a full array of account information related to your property. We also feature a convenient tenant portal to allows them to easily make online rental payments and create maintenance orders.

Let Our Experience Work for You

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Let our Experience work for you

With more than 50 years of experience, Catalyst Property Management has built a reputation for service excellence. You can rely on our know-how to help you meet your long and short-term goals.

Support 24/7

Catalyst Property Management provides your tenants with 24/7 support. We’ll field those maintenance calls even when they occur on weekends, late at night, or on holidays.

Property Inspections

We meticulously care for our clients’ properties by performing annual inspections, ensuring that tenants are caring for their rental spaces as outline in their lease.

Online Visibility

Catalyst Property Management relies on an array of digital platforms like Zillow and Trulia to effectively market your property. We work hard to reduce vacancies so you can meet your financial goals.

Impressive Service

Serving our customers with outstanding customer care is a cornerstone of our business. We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ ongoing needs.

Peace of Mind

Catalyst Property Management has the expertise to handle all aspect of your day-to-day property management needs. Reliable property management solutions means more peace of mind for you.

Dedicated Property Management Services

Catalyst Property Management features a full spectrum of property management solutions. We are driven by the notion that our reputation is intrinsically tied to your success, so we do our utmost to ensure that your property is expertly managed in every respect. As the leading Logan, Utah property management firm, you can rely on our team to provide you with all the solutions you need to ensure the success of your property investment.

Know the benefits of contracting with us:

  • Spend more time enjoying your families or hobbies while we handle the day-to-day management of your properties.
  • Secure serious tenants who have the background and occupation needed to meet their rental agreements.
  • Enjoy 24/7 service and online access to your accounts.

If you’re looking for experienced property management in Logan, Utah, you can rely on Catalyst Property Management. We can tailor our solutions to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your properties and what you’re looking for from a trusted Logan property management team.

As a seasonal resident of Logan, my property there used to sit empty for much of the year. I simply didn't have the desire or resources to deal with renting it out when my family wasn't using it. Catalyst changed all that. They have now turned what was a vacation home into an income producer for me. Best of all is I know I needn't worry about my property being taken care of while in their care.

Tina Marlow

After my divorce, it was a nightmare trying to find a new home for me and my kids. It seemed everywhere we rented either the properties were falling down around our ears or when something did need to be repaired it took an act of Congress to even get someone to lie about coming out.

Hailey Blair

My wife and I got into rental properties many years ago and built a fair portfolio. As we got older, we found that the constant demands of looking for quality tenants along with maintenance and upkeep on the properties themselves were dragging us down. Then we signed on with Catalyst Property Management in Logan UT. Now our rentals deliver the retirement income we always dreamed they would without the headaches that had us considering selling out. I would say they are the best Logan property management company by far.

Ty Nguyen

Renting through Catalyst Property Management in Logan UT has been an entirely different story. The home we moved into was clean and well maintained and the few minor repairs that have been needed were finished quickly and efficiently.

Harry Dean

When my company relocated my family, I didn't have time to search for a place for us to live so I contacted Catalyst Property Management in Logan. I was able to find the perfect place for us to rent while looking for a new home to buy. The best part is I was able to handle everything online so our new home was waiting for us when we reached town. We never had to spend a single night in a hotel.

Connie Raines

Catalyst Property Management has been a godsend. Since I turned my rental property over to them it is being maintained in better condition than even, I was able to do. The occupancy rates they have been able to maintain have been phenomenal. Best of all though is that my phone doesn't ring at 3 AM anymore and I don't have to waste time collecting rents and looking for tenants. If you need a Logan Utah property management company, I highly recommend their services.

Richard Kirby