The CPM Advantage

Where quantitative analysis, logistics and property management meet.

Just as if you were looking to invest in a stock or mutual fund, picking the right investment property and having it properly managed is vital to getting the best possible return on your investment.

Purchasing a poor performing or a poorly managed property may discourage investors from investing in real estate in the first place. When this happens, it unfortunate because there are simply too many advantages in real estate investing to not have at least a portion of your overall portfolio allocated to real estate holdings. Here are just a few of the advantages in real estate investing:

  • leverage purchases up to 80%
  • payments remain fixed while rents increase over time
  • cash flows increase with inflation
  • real asset appreciation
  • asset can be depreciated for taxes
  • a tangible real asset vs. paper asset
  • deferred capital gains through 1031 exchanges

Additionally, we have a complete in house system to facilitate the ownership of real estate investments in your IRA, best known as a Self Directed IRA, including account setup, entity formation, IRS complaint operating documentation and placement with the proper custodian. We can also facilitate the investment purchase, arrange for IRA compliant financing (non recourse loans) and management of the asset to keep your investment headache free.

Just think of it... being able to collect rental income, appreciation and realize capital gains in a Roth IRA without ever having to pay another penny in taxes! Wow, now that's something to look into.

In real estate, most the money is made buying the right property at the right price. When it comes to purchasing, selling or managing an investment property, Catalyst Property Management  has a professional team of great managers and awesome network of realtors to help you make the best real estate investment choices possible.

There are just too many benefits for investing in real estate to be left on the sidelines. Is it time for you to get in the game? Call 760-227-9909 or submit an inquiry on our Contact Us for more information.